South Plaza Island, Galápagos

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South Plaza Island
(December 7) South Plaza is a tiny flat island produced by lava that welled out of the sea without ever forming a proper volcano.

Sea lion
There is a small breeding colony of sea lions near the dock.
Baby sea lion
Hiker and cactusLand iguana and sea lions
Sea lions rest in the shade of a prickly pear cactus while a land iguana tries to reach the leaves.
Land iguana
There are a lot of land iguanas here.
Land iguana
Land iguana
More cacti
Cliff view
Lava lizard
Lava lizards.
Swallow tailed gulls
Swallow tail gulls nest on the cliffs on the other side of the island.
Cliff with bell and gull
Swallow tailed gulls
Gull with chick
Marine iguana
A marine iguana.
Cliff with wave
Bachelor sea lion
The rocky sea cliffs are a refuge for bachelor sea lions, young males who hope someday to be big and strong enough to seize a proper breeding ground for themselves.
Marine iguana

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