Bartolomé Island, Galápagos

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Bartolomé Island
(December 6) Bartolomé is one of the youngest islands. Its volcano last erupted in 1904. It is a barren place with a stark sort of beauty.

We set out early in the morning. By midday the heat tends to be intolerable.
Pinnacle Rock
Pinnacle rock is the island’s most famous landmark.

Do you see the little splash on the near side of the boat toward the front? Let’s zoom in on that…
This is a Galápagos penguin, the only species whose range extends north of the equator.
Unfortunately I never had a chance to get a better shot of one of the penguins. They are small and rare and they move very fast.
Skeletal remains
The skeletal remains of a sea bird.
Lava lizard
Few land animals can survive here. This lava lizard is an exception.
A wooden stairway makes is relatively easy to climb to the top of the volcano.
Lava cactus
A lonely lava cactus.
Volcanic cone
View from cone
Rock formations
Walkway to top
A small lighthouse at the summit.
View from top
From the top we have a spectacular view of the surrounding islands.

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