Kyoto: Miscellaneous Photos

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Here are some photos that I think are interesting, but which don’t seem to fit anywhere else.

Anime figures at the Kyoto train station.
Astro Boy


Kyoto Tower. Instead of copying the Eiffel Tower they went for a futuristic look. (Futuristic from the standpoint of the early 1960s anyway.)
Kyoto Tower

Terier Club

Whenever he was filming in Kyoto, Akira Kurosawa liked to stay at the Ishihara Ryokan. They still display some of his memorabilia.

Ishihara Interior

Kurosawa Memorabilia

A bunraku performance. This is a type of puppet show in which the puppets are manipulated by black-clad puppeteers.

Miyako Honma demonstrates the traditional arts of the tea ceremony and kimono making.
Tea Ceremony

Kimono Making

The Kyoto Handicraft Center is full of shops selling various crafts and artworks.
Swords and Armor


Screen Paintings

A damascene craftsman.
Damascene Worker

The chouzuya at the Okazaki Shrine features a large figure of a rabbit. This may have something to do with the fact that the shrine houses the god and goddess of easy childbirth.
Chouzuya with Rabbit

Red pandas (“firefoxes”) at the Kyoto zoo.
Red Panda

Red Panda
Although the red pandas seem happy enough, this zoo is not really world-class. In particular, I don’t think the larger animals have enough space.

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    Enjoyed these additional Kyoto pics. I remember well the handcrafts center. Your photos are excellent.

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