Japan Vacation: Conclusion

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That’s the end. I’ve gone through all my photos and posted everything that looked reasonably interesting.

If you are considering a trip to Japan I strongly recommend that you go for it. Japan is a strange and wonderful place, full of beautiful things, and a few things that are just a bit odd. The people are friendly and hospitable, service is uniformly excellent and the trains really do run on time. (The average delay for a shinkansen leaving the station is supposed to be about 6 seconds.)

The country has a reputation for being clean, safe and expensive, and that’s pretty accurate. Still at today’s exchange rates it seems less expensive in relative terms. Many other currencies have appreciated much more against the dollar than the Yen has.

I would like to thank our tour organizer, Mike Roberts of Samurai Tours. He did an amazing job and I’m sure we saw a lot more of Japan than most visitors get to see. I would also like to thank our local guides who illuminated much that would otherwise have been obscure.

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