Birding in the Ecuadorian Andes–San Isidro Reserve

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(October 12-14.)
Subtropical forest on the eastern slope of the Andes, around 6,000 feet.
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Cinnamon Flycatcher
Cinnamon Flycatcher.
Montane Woodcreeper
Montane Woodcreeper.

Rocky stream
Standing stones
Tyrian Metaltail (female)
Tyrian Metaltail (female.)
Glossy-black Thrush
Glossy-black Thrush.
Racing hummingbirds
Chestnut-breasted Coronet (m)
Chestnut-breasted Coronet (male.)
Chestnut-breasted Coronet (f & m)
Chestnut-breasted Coronet (female & male.)
Roadside Hawk
Roadside Hawk.
Blue-tailed Emerald (f)
Blue-tailed Emerald (female.)
Bronzy Inca
Bronzy Inca.
Chestnut-breasted Coronet
Chestnut-breasted Coronet.
Lots of Hummingbirds
Golden-winged Tody-flycatcher
Golden-winged Tody-flycatcher.
Green Jay
Green Jay.
Green Jay
Subtropical Cacique
Subtropical Cacique.
Subtropical Cacique
White-bellied Antpitta
White-bellied Antpitta.
White-bellied Antpitta
White-bellied Antpitta

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