Mushi-shi Season 2–Anime Midseason Impressions

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Mushi-shi Sequel Series (Crunchyroll) turns out to be a split season, like Fate/Zero in 2011-2013 (but without the cliffhanger.) They’ve stopped after 11 episodes, but promised to restart in the Fall.
Ginko in rice field
Why did they do that? Almost certainly for financial rather than artistic reasons. They probably need to raise the money for the remaining episodes. This has always been an “arty” niche series–high quality without the prospect of blockbuster DVD sales. Hopefully they will be able to raise the money to keep going.

I wish them well. I intend to watch the remaining episodes and I will probably buy the DVDs. However I have to admit that while I admire this show I don’t love it.
Don’t get me wrong. This show is still first-rate artistically. In it’s own way it’s just about perfect. But it’s a cold sort of perfection. I admire it without feeling emotionally drawn in.

The first season was an undoubted classic. The second season seems just as good, but at this point I’m wondering whether a second season was really necessary.