Chef (Movie Review)

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4 Stars
Chef posterChef (IMDB) is a simple, funny unpretentious film about a man who has become so wrapped up in his career that he has lost touch with what is really important.

Jon Favreau (who also wrote and directed) plays Carl Casper, the Chef de Cuisine at a prestigious California restaurant. He’s well-regarded but frustrated because the cantankerous owner (Dustin Hoffman) won’t let him make any changes to the menu. His frustrations boil over when he bumbles his way into a social media flame war with an obnoxious food critic (Oliver Platt).

Having lost his job and made himself more or less untouchable, he ends up going back to Miami, his home town, buys a beat-up food truck, and fixes it up. Conveniently his ex-wife (Sofía Vergara) leaves his neglected son (EmJay Anthony) in his care, giving him an opportunity to rebuild their relationship. He is joined by Martin (John Leguizamo) his loyal line cook from the restaurant.

Eventually the three of them set out on a male-bonding road trip from Miami back to California.

Yeah, I know. Legally a food truck could not drive into a new town every day and start selling food. This is a fantasy; let it pass. At least it’s a charming and heart-warming fantasy with an excellent cast.