Harry Potter should have married Hermione, admits J K Rowling

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Via CNN and The Independent.
Harry, Hermione and Ron
Now at this point I could be saying “I told you so,” because I said something similar when reviewing one of the movies. (I was deliberately watching the movies while not reading the books.)

Obviously Harry and Hermione are the best matches in terms of intelligence, ability and good looks. From a storytelling standpoint its always more satisfactory when the prince marries the princess.

However just to be contrary I’m going to offer some reasons why the canonical ending might be better, at least from Hermione’s standpoint:

  • Harry might make a bad husband. He’s moody and self-centered. He’s a celebrity bound to be pursued by groupies. And he grew up in a dysfunctional family from which he probably absorbed all sorts of bad patterns. He might make a good partner someday but he’ll probably have to go through at least one failed marriage first.
  • They’re both Type A personalities, hard-driven and high-achieving. It would be hard for Hermione to be #2 in the relationship but that’s what she would have to settle for. She might be happier with a goodhearted hard-working guy who’s a bit dim but worships her.