Santa Cruz Highlands, Galápagos

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Santa Cruz is the second-largest island in the Galápagos and has the largest population, about 12,000 people, mostly in the town of Puerto Ayora.
 Puerto Ayora
During the rainy season the highlands in the center of the island receive enough rain to support a fair amount of agriculture.
Santa Cruz highlands

Santa Cruz highlands
Lava crater
This crater resulted from a large bubble that formed in the lava and hardened. Later the roof of the bubble collapsed.
Las Primicias
“Las Primicias” is a ranch with two tourist attractions: giant tortoises and a lava tunnel.
Laval tunnel
The lava tunnel formed because the top and sides of the lava flow hardened first, allowing the hot lava in the center to flow out. This tunnel is about 1 kilometer long. We didn’t try to walk the whole length.
Tortoise sign
The ranch doesn’t raise giant tortoises. They are wild and just wander in, attracted by the two small fresh-water ponds. Farmers used to try to discourage tortoises but this one just charges an admission fee.
A finch.
An egret.
Egret flying
Unafraid of the annoying humans, a tortoise makes its way to the pond.

Tortoises in pondTortoise near pond

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