Space Brothers makes a fool of me

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So what was I saying about Space Bothers? (Crunchyroll)

Oh yeah:

There isn’t a whole lot of nail-biting drama. The whole point is that space flight requires years of meticulous preparation so that you don’t get killed.

Thus the refusal to gloss over the slow selection process. You spend months selecting the right astronauts, then probably years in training and preparation, all for a flight that might last only a few weeks. (And you hope that the flight will be the least dramatic part.)
–Space Brothers doesn’t end

Buggy Jump
So of course they immediately started a new story arc in which an accident (an accident that ought to have been preventable with a little more foresight) puts astronauts in danger. Which leads to weeks of cliffhangers and a near-tragic ending.

What can I say? Only that such things happen in real life too. (And when they happen you don’t necessarily get the assistance of a ghost.)

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