Hakodate Morning Market

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(Sept 19) Every morning the colorful market district near the train station bustles with vendors selling the fresh produce and fresh seafood for which Hokkaido is famous.

Morning Market Tile

Morning Market

Shima Hokke

Squid Store

Dog Wearing Dress

Sea Urchins

Hakodate is particularly famous for its squid, a much sought-after delicacy.
Squid Tank


Big Squid

And of course Hokkaido’s crabs are famous throughout Japan.
Crab Boat

Crab Watering

SOS Taxi

If I were choosing a name for a taxi company, I guess that “SOS Taxi” would sound efficient and businesslike, but I find it subtly off-putting. Some people might even be reluctant to ride in the cabs.

This however, is a really good name for a taxi company.

Here is one of those anthropomorphic foods that actually wants to be eaten.
Anthropomorphic Hot Dog

(Actually I think I took that last picture at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, not in Hakodate, but I don’t have any other good place to put it.)

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  1. Tappan/Stone

    We have always sought out zoos and markets in our travels. Of course we have tended toward mountains and seashores rather than cities. You seem to have enjoyed the best of both worlds in Hokkaido.

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