Kyoto Animation Jumps the Shark

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Part of the appeal of Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya as it was originally broadcast was in the uniquely confusing way that it was presented. It created a sort of meta-story in which the original story was further illuminated by the viewer’s own reaction to the way it was presented. The viewers didn’t mind that the show was messing with their heads because the whole thing was so wonderfully entertaining.

Now with the second season Kyoto Animation seems to be trying for the same kind of “mess with the viewers’ heads” effect, but the original inspiration is no longer there. Instead of applauding, the fans are up in arms. Particularly infuriating is the “Endless Eight” storyline which has so far repeated the same episode 4 times with minor variations. This isn’t fun; it’s just annoying.

Probably any possible sequel would have been a disappointment, but it appears that KyoAni may have destroyed the value of the franchise. Furious fans are already vowing not to buy the DVDs.

1 thought on “Kyoto Animation Jumps the Shark

  1. Daniel R.

    Ah, such a shame about this story. I mean the characters are as fun as ever. But they really didn’t put much thought into this story adaptation, did they? I know that no anime is perfect (though a select few come close), but this sounds like a cheap cop-out to fill up the episode count. But the word “cheap” or “low-quality” is never something I’d associate with Kyoto Animation! I’m really surprised.

    Maybe I shouldn’t be. They did produce the controversial K-on.

    Well let’s hope they get this story together within the next couple weeks.

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