Blessed Cellphone

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Brian Ashcraft of Wired was having terrible luck with cell phones: he ran through four of them in less than a year. So he took his next one to the Kanda Shrine near Akihabara, which specializes in spiritually purifying electronic equipment. Result: one shiny new purified and blessed cell phone.

He describes the process in a photo essay: Gadget Blessings: Shinto Priest Protects Electronics From Bad Mojo.

(Presumably it won’t let him browse for porn, but he doesn’t seem to mind.)

1 thought on “Blessed Cellphone

  1. Daniel R.

    Hahaha– wow. Just wow. Not that I’m ridiculing him– on the contrary, if I lost that many cell phones in a year, I would pray about it too– but seeing him go through a spiritual ritual to protect his precious gadget is an amusing sight.

    Perhaps I should read Wired magazine more often. xD

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