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I thought everyone followed Jonathan, but apparently the way he mixes up anime with the hollywoodism repulses people. It’s understandable…

–Author, アニ・ノート, Those Pesky Pronouns

Well, of course I write to please myself, and I take it for granted that my tastes may not be the same as yours. Still, it’s a bit unnerving to hear that this site “repulses” people.

So if you feel that the combination of anime and movies is too much like steak slathered in strawberry sherbet, let me remind you that you can bookmark or subscribe to a subset, e.g.

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3 thoughts on “Repulsed?

  1. Author

    Well, I’m not a native speaker. What do you think would be appropriate expresion? I’m pretty sure you know about the phenomena.

  2. Jonathan Tappan Post author

    Probably you were looking for a milder term like “put off”, but I rather like “repulsed.”

    Of course I would prefer to have readers like what I write, but if they don’t there is something perversely appealing about the image of them fleeing from the site in revulsion. Most writers would prefer a strong negative reaction to indifference.

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