ADV is Back

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According to an announcement on RightStuf, ADV Films has announced an updated release schedule, indicating that they have worked out at least some of their licensing problems.

We will know more when ADV gets around to updating their own web site.

In any case its good news. This debacle was bad not only for ADV, but for everyone involved in publishing anime DVDs in North America. Stopping a lot of series in mid-release hurts the entire market.

Update: ADV comments on ANN. (via.)

2 thoughts on “ADV is Back

  1. Author

    Gurren-Lagann is still absent. And in my view it’s the only title on the list which was worth paying attention to (not necesserily love).

  2. Jonathan Tappan Post author

    Hmm…did they actually have a release schedule annouced for Gurren-Lagann before the shut-down? Maybe they’re just starting by rescheduling the ones that they already had in production.

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