Black Ships Festival

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My daughter and I just got back from the Black Ships Festival in Newport, Rhode Island, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the opening of Japan by Commodore Perry’s “black ships.”

Photos below the fold.

Aikido DemonstrationAikido demonstration by Newport Aikikai.

DollsTraditional Dolls.

Raku FiringDenise Wilkey demonstrates the traditional art of Raku firing.

Sumo WrestlersSumo Wrestlers.

Manga drawing workshop.

Tea CeremonyDemonstration of a traditional tea ceremony by Kaji Aso Studio (Boston).

Tea Ceremony

Sumie Kaneko plays the koto…

…and the shamisen.

Demonstration of “Iaijutsu.”

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  1. Bev Tappan (Mom)

    Looks like a wonderful preview of Japan, Jon. So glad you and Jen got to go. We had not heard about it.

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