REST for toddlers

Presumably for the benefit of those who find the RFC hard to follow, Mark Pilgrim translates the HTTP response codes into toddler-speak: REST for toddlers.

RESTful Security

The REST vs WS wars continue. Pete Lacey has an insightful post on RESTful Security, and a further clarification: Clarity Around Security.

They can’t hear you

More on SOA vs REST, XSD vs Relax-NG, etc. Pete Lacey says They can’t hear you. I think this is a realistic assessment of the current reality facing corporate developers.


It seems that all the great minds of the XML world are declaring that W3C XML Schemas (XSD) are dead, and everyone is going to switch to Relax-NG. Cf. Elliotte… Read more »

Bandwidth Theft

If you came here after seeing the following image on someone else’s site: that means that the author of the site was not content with stealing content from my site,… Read more »