Bandwidth Theft

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If you came here after seeing the following image on someone else’s site:

Bandwidth Theft

that means that the author of the site was not content with stealing content from my site, but also decided to steal my bandwidth by inserting <img> links to the original images on my site. That way I would have to pay for the bandwidth when your browser retrieved the image that appeared to be on his page.

To avoid this I have configured my web server to return the single small image above when my images are linked from someone else’s pages.

On the other hand, if you see this image anywhere on, this means that your browser has a bug and is not sending the correct referrer string. All that I can suggest is to use one of the standard browsers.

Thanks to Steven Den Beste who created the original image that this is based on.

Update: One side effect of this change seems to be that if you read one of my pages from Google’s cache the same effect occurs. This is natural since Google is also copying my pages. The difference is that unlike the plagiarists who provoked me into doing this, Google makes it clear where they got the material, so I don’t really mind. Still it’s easy enough for a Google user to click to my original page to see the images, so I think I’ll leave things as they are.