WordPress 2.1

I’ve crossed my fingers and switched everything on the site to WordPress 2.1. If you see anything that is obviously broken, let me know via the contact form. UPDATE: Two… Read more »

Dems to the Net

For those who were wondering whether the new Congress might be just a little bit friendlier to open-source software, small developers, independent creative types and consumers in general, Lawrence Lessig… Read more »

The End of Web 2.0?

To the horror of many developers Google is abandoning its SOAP Search API. Dave Megginson comments. Is this the beginning of the end for mashups and all the “Web 2.0”… Read more »

LISP in Business

A while ago Ron Garret wrote a widely-read article called Top ten geek business myths. Personally I’m not planning to start a business, but the article contains a throw-away remark… Read more »