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Why all blockbusters seem alike

Does it seem to you that all Hollywood summer movies are pretty much alike. You’re not imagining things. Peter Suderman in Slate explains Save the Movie! The 2005 screenwriting book… Read more »

The Heat–Movie Review

This is not a particularly original movie. A straight-laced by-the-book good cop is forced to partner with a slovenly rule-breaking bad cop. Hilarity ensues. Also explosions. However The Heat (IMDB)… Read more »

42–Movie Review

The move 42 (IMDB) begins with the disclaimer “Based on a true story” which is commonly a bad sign. However this movie sticks pretty close to the facts–a good idea… Read more »

Spring Breakers–Movie Review

There seems to be some disagreement among reviewers about whether Spring Breakers (IMDB) is just a trashy exploitation movie or whether it is a gripping drama featuring stinging social commentary.