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Happy Feet

This movie is about penguins that sing and dance. It also has a plot, I think. There is a young penguin who can’t sing and wants to tap dance, but… Read more »

The Good Shepherd

Robert De Niro’s new movie (his second attempt as a director) is a long, dark and convoluted psychological thriller about the early days of the CIA and the men who… Read more »


Mel Gibson’s latest movie is a dark, bloody, riveting action-adventure thriller. Actually “bloody” is the operative word; I can’t recall seeing a man getting his face chewed off by a… Read more »

The Prestige

I can’t avoid comparing The Prestige with The Illusionist, a movie that I saw a couple of months ago. Both are rather dark stories about stage magicians practicing their craft… Read more »

The Departed

If there is a lesson to be taken home from Martin Scorsese’s new movie, it must be that Irish gangsters are more ruthless and bloodthirsty than Italian gangsters. This is… Read more »