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Hot Fuzz

This movie is a British parody of American cop/buddy/action thrillers. That’s an easily parodied genre, but the dry British humor makes this surprisingly quirky and interesting. Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg)… Read more »

The Namesake

This is an earnest, heartfelt and well-intentioned movie, and I really wish that I liked it more than I do. It’s basically about some immigrants from India who name their… Read more »

The Hoax

In 1970 Clifford Irving, a minor writer best known for a biography of a notorious art forger, approached McGraw-Hill with an astonishing proposal: he had made a deal with reclusive… Read more »

Meet the Robinsons

This movie managed to surprise me: it is the first computer-generated 3-D animation that I have seen in which at least some of the human characters did not seem either… Read more »