Dance with Devils Ends

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2.5 Stars
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Dance with Devils (Hulu) is not a show that I can wholeheartedly recommend, but it might serve as a guilty pleasure for someone.

This looks at first glance like a standard otome vampire romance. The main difference is that this is a musical otome vampire romance. Naturally the heroine (brave but not terribly bright) is pursued by various handsome devils, vampires, an evil Pomeranian and a 17-year-old priest. But these devils, vampires, Pomeranians and priests can sing and dance!

Give up checkmate
I would like to say that the musical numbers are good but the truth is that they are pretty dreadful. (My theory is that the lyrics were written by the director’s 10-year-old daughter.)
Student council
The intended audience is apparently comprised of the sort of girl who dreams of being romanced by a handsome minion of hell.
Or maybe a vampire who wears too much makeup.
Brother and sister
Or maybe a good-looking emo priest.
As for the dog, that doesn’t even bear thinking about.
Touches cheek
If you are not in that demographic this really isn’t intended for you and you will probably find it sort of mind-blowing, if not brain-damaging.
We love your sweet soul
(In other words I guess I can recommend this if you are in the right sort of really twisted mood.)