My Love Story–Anime Early Impressions

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King Kong
I’ve seen quite a few shoujo romantic comedies but never one like My Love Story!! (Ore Monogatari!!) (Crunchyroll.)
Takeo Gouda, the protagonist, is a big, dumb, homely lunk with a heart of gold. He’s huge and scary-looking, not to mention socially clueless, so people tend to shy away from him. However those who know him know that he is decent, loyal and goodhearted.
(OK, this is Japan so he’s probably 5’11”. But let’s play along with it.)

Takeo and Makoto
Makoto Sunakawa is Takeo’s childhood friend. He’s pretty much the opposite of Takeo: smart, cool, unflappable and sardonic. His bishounen good looks make him the idol of all the girls.
Kindergarten confession
Even back in kindergarten a girl that Takeo had a crush on fell in love with Makoto and confessed to him.
Elementary school confession
And the same think happened repeatedly in elementary school.
Confession 1
And in middle school. Every time Takeo was interested in a girl she would confess to Makoto.
Kindergarten confession aftermath
And every time that happened Makoto would coldly turn the girl down leaving her heartbroken.

Now that he is in high school Takeo has finally gotten it through his thick skull that he just isn’t the type that girls go for.
One day, while riding on a train with Makoto, Takeo is shocked to notice a girl his age being groped by a stranger.
Holding the molestor
Outraged, he grabs the creep and forces him to get off at the next station.
Turning him in
Takeo turns him over to the police. Unfortunately Takeo gets in trouble from roughing him up.
The girl shows up
The next day Takeo and Makoto are commiserating in Takeo’s room, when who should show up but the girl from the train!
Her name is Rinko Yamato and she’s just about the most adorable thing that Takeo has ever seen in his life.
She has tracked Takeo down to thank him and brought a cheesecake that she baked herself.
Rinko and Makoto
From the way she blushes and stammers Takeo can tell that she’s falling for Makoto. It’s an all-too-familiar pattern. Inevitably she will confess to Makato and he will coldly turn her down.
Determined Takeo
To Takeo it seems unbearable that this lovely girl will have her heart broken by Makoto. Takeo bravely vows to do his best to make sure that Rinko and Makoto end up together. Of course he has no idea how to go about making that happen but he’s not the type to let that stop him!
Backlit Rinko
Actually it seems pretty clear that Rinko is crushing on Takeo not Makoto. Of course all girls are supposed to want bishounen but Rinko seems to be some sort of weird outlier who prefers big strong emotional guys. So the stage is set for some big misunderstandings.

So far this is a very likable show. The main characters are likeable and the writing feels fresh and original. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by its refusal to follow the standard anime tropes. I have high hopes for this.