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(November 14)
Kamakura is a relatively small town today but from 1192–1333 it was the seat of the Kamakura Shogunate and thus the effective capital of Japan. It has several impressive sites left over from that period.
Hasedera Temple
The Hasedera Temple is most famous for a 9 meter tall statue of Kannon and a 3 meter statue of Amida Buddha. Neither can be photographed but there are a lot of other cool things to take pictures of on the temple grounds.

Kannon and Jizo

Koi pond

Acala in background

Sand garden

Buddha with guards
Entrance to Benten's cave
The entrance of a cave sacred to Benten.
Carvings in cave
Inside the cave there are some impressive wall carvings and lots of tiny Benten images.
Great Buddha
Just up the road from Hasedera is the Great Buddha of Kamakura, a 13.35 meter image of Amida Buddha. It is the second tallest bronze Buddha in Japan.

Originally like the larger Great Buddha of Nara it was inside a wooden building but after that structure was repeatedly destroyed by typhoons and a tsunami they decided to leave it in the open air.
Inside the great Buddha
For 200 yen you can go inside it and see how it was put together.
Hachimangu Shrine torii
The Hachimangu Shrine was built in 1180 by Yoritomo Minamoto, the first Kamakura Shogun. It is dedicated to the war god Hachiman, who was worshiped by the samurai. Several other warlike characters including the legendary warrior empress Jingu are also enshrined there.
Hachimangu Shrine gate

Main building
In the main building there is an exhibition of art treasures from the Kamakura period (which of course cannot be photographed.)

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