Random Tokyo Pictures

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(November 11-12) I don’t have as many pictures from this trip as from previous trips to Japan, but I’m going to to through what I have any post any that look interesting.Spiritual car wash
The Meiji Shrine has a sort of spiritual car wash. For 10,000 yen (about US $100) you can drive your car through and get it purified.

Bonsai pagoda
Bonsai displayed at the Meiji Shrine.
bonsai shrine

Party boat
A very expensive party boat.
Asahi Building
Asahi’s corporate headquarters is designed to look like a tall foaming glass of beer. The gold and black thing on the lower right was originally intended to go on top to symbolize the corporate spirit of the employees and their dedication to producing great beer. However complaints from the residents of the apartment building next door forced them to put it on the ground instead.

How would it feel to work in a building like that? Probably not as bad as this.
Skytree behind Asahi
The new Tokyo Skytree can be seen behind the Asahi building partly hidden by fog.

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