Barakamon Ends

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The ending wasn’t bad exactly. Barakamon (Funimation) is still my favorite show of the season. But it left me vaguely dissatisfied, with a feeling that this could have been even better.Messy room
Guardian Enzo is a big fan of the manga and has been complaining all season that the anime focused on the humor but left out all the best character-development stories. To which my immediate response was “So what? The anime stands on its own. It’s hilarious!”
But the last two episodes toned down the comedy and focused on the character development, which gave just a taste of what I had been missing.

They probably did the best they could given that they only had 12 episodes to work with. I suspect that they could have done better with 24, maybe even making this a classic. It’s not impossible for a seinen anime to get 2 cours. Last year’s Golden Time got that and Mushishi will have completed 4 by the end of the year.
Burnable, not burnable
Still and all it’s not a bad show. The ending is sort of heartwarming, but not too heartwarming. As I see it, Handa has made it only about half way from being an annoying insecure artist to being a fully-realized human being. That would leave room for a sequel if they get the money for one.