Sword Art Online II–Anime Quick Take

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There’s not too much that I can say about Sword Art Online II (Crunchyroll). If you liked the first season you are probably already watching the second. If you are unfamiliar with the first season you can read my comments here.
SAO - Kirio in gunsight
The new season has Kirito in a new game world tracking down a new supervillain with a new companion (a girl who plays a cold-blooded sniper in the game, but is attempting to use the game to deal with her real-world panic attacks.)

I actually like the new season a bit better than the first. SAO was Reki Kawahara’s first published work and I think his storytelling skills improved as the series progressed.

If you haven’t seen the first season you should probably watch it before starting the second. It’s available at the Crunchyroll link above (just scroll down the page.)