Kyousougiga–Anime Early Impressions

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Kyousougiga panel
I’m not sure what to think of Kyousougiga (“Capital Craze Comic”) (Crunchyroll). It’s definitely not boring. It’s intriguing and innovative. Whether it actually tells a good story remains to be seen.

So far four episodes have been broadcast, numbered from Episode 00 through Episode 03. Episode 00 is a complete troll. It’s totally incomprehensible unless you have seen the later episodes. I suggest skipping it at first and going back to it later.

The premise, to the extent that I have been able to figure it out, goes something like this:
Myoue Shounin meditating
Centuries ago a monk named Shounin Myoue lived on a mountain overlooking Kyoto with his faithful dog, devoting himself to spiritual practices.
Myoue Shounin with drawing
Most people feared to approach him because he had the ability to draw pictures that came to life. Visitors to his retreat might encounter monsters.
Black rabbit
He drew a picture of a black rabbit named Koto on the door. Koto was moved by his spiritual devotion and fell in love with him. A friendly bodhisattva offered to lend her a human body so that she could express her feelings.
Koto confesses
Koto confessed her love and stayed with Shounin. Eventually he fell in love with her and they had three children, two of whom were drawings.

Young Kuruma
Kurama, the eldest, was a brilliant child prodigy with amazing academic talents.
Young Yase
Yase, the middle child, was a hot-tempered girl who resembled a demon.
The youngest, Yakushimaru, was the only actual human child. He was a fairly normal boy with an eye for pretty girls.
Worried children
But the priests of Kyoto’s shrines thought that it was wrong to create a family from drawings and threatened to exorcise them.
Children in Mirror Capital
The family decided to take refuge picture of a city that Shounin had painted on the wall. It was a beautiful city where humans and supernatural beings could live together in peace. Because it resembled the city they had left they decided to call it “Kyoto”, written as “Mirror Capital.”

(Yeah, there a a bunch of references to Alice in Wonderland in this.)
Koto's farewell
Shounin and Koto ruled over the Mirror Capital for several years and the children were happy there. However Koto knew that she could not remain in human form forever. She told Myoue that she had to leave. Grief-stricken, he vowed to follow her.
Abandoned children
Thus the children were left alone.
Kurma with siblings
Centuries have past. The children, now grown up, rule over the Mirror Capital as “The Council of Three,” but they still hold on to the hope that their parents will someday return.
Adult Kuruma
Kurama has assembled a crack team of scientists to study the nature of the multiple universes. He secretly hopes to someday return to the real Kyoto.
Adult Yase
Yase lives in a mansion with her youkai followers and holds frequent tea parties.
Younger Myoue
Yakushimaru is now called by his father’s name, Myoue, and has assumed his role as a monk. (You can distinguish him from his father because the younger Myoue has blue eyes, while Shounin’s eyes were red.)
Myoue's girlfriend
He often complains about his burdensome duties but he consoles himself with his motorcycle and his super-hot girlfriend.
Fushimi and Shouko
Professor Shouko is the head of Kurama’s team of crack scientists. She is flighty and irresponsible and likes to play with mecha. Her assistant Fushimi is more mature and tries to keep her out of trouble.
Koto with A and Un
One night lightning flashes, thunder roars and a portal opens between the worlds. A bratty girl named Koto appears. She is super-strong and armed with a magic hammer and she is accompanied by two bratty familiars named A and Un.
Inari takes Koto in
She comes from an alternate universe where Kyoto’s Fushimi Shrine is the headquarters of some sort of inter-galactic law enforcement agency. When she was separated from her parents the chief priest of the shrine, a man called Inari, took her in an trained her. Inari usually wears a fox mask but he looks like Myoue. He likes to relax by reading Lewis Carroll.

For reasons that are not entirely clear she stole the magic hammer and left to search for her parents in other universes. After following a large white rabbit she ended up in the Mirror Capital.
Myoue at home
The Council of Three suspect that there is more to her than meets the eye and decide that she should live with Myoue while they investigate. Perhaps she is the reincarnation of their mother Lady Koto, or perhaps she is Shounin’s daughter.

This is all rather amusing but I’m not sure whether there is a real story here or if the writers are just goofing around. If they are going to tell a real story this might be pretty good.