The World’s End–Movie Review

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4 Stars

The World's End posterThe World’s End (IMDB) is a quirky British comedy that is not what it first seems.

Gary (Simon Pegg) is a middle-aged ne’er-do-well whose fondest memory is the night of his high school graduation 20 years ago. He and his four best friends tried to visit all 12 pubs in their town’s “Golden Mile,” starting with “The First Post” and ending with “The World’s End.” Though they never made it past Pub #9 it is still an enchanted memory for him, one that far outshines anything that has happened since. Of course this is because he hasn’t done or achieve anything since then that would be worth remembering.

So he reconnects with his old friends Andy (Nick Frost), Oliver (Martin Freeman), Steven (Paddy Considine) and Peter (Eddie Marsan), all of whom have built respectable middle-class lives for themselves. He somehow talks them into driving back to their old home town to recreate the pub crawl. This time they’re going to make it to all 12!

Gary is the only one who really wants to drink a pint at 12 different pubs in a single night. The others just want to get together, share old stories and see how the old town has changed.

In the course of the evening they meet Oliver’s sister Sam (Rosamund Pike). During the original pub crawl she participated in a stunt involving the handicapped toilet, then tagged along for several more pubs.

So far this looks like a typical quirky British slice of life comedy. No doubt it will impart some important life lessons about the value of friendship and the dangers of alcoholism. But suddenly they are attacked by ROBOT ALIENS! Holy Crap! The FREAKING ROBOT ALIENS have taken over the WHOLE TOWN! After this things start to get weird.

Our band of intrepid heroes must now try to save themselves, and possibly the world, from the alien menace.

There are probably some elements of social satire here. Maybe the robot aliens are supposed to represent Facebook users. Or something like that. Or you can just take it as a sci-fi adventure.

In any case it’s pretty entertaining, but I should probably warn you that it is rather violent with blue robot blood all over the place.