Tamako Market Ends

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Tamako Market (Anime Network) is as different as a TV show can be from Shin Sekai Yori without being bad. It is not dark, scary, disturbing or particularly thought-provoking. It is, however, as adorable as a basket full of puppies.
Tamako with medal
This clearly counts as a iyashikei (healing) anime. Most of these are pretty slow-moving. Tamako Market is faster-paced and funnier than most. Still it ultimately boils down to this: a shopkeeper’s daughter really loves her family’s mochi shop and the close-knit community where she grew up. End of story.

I think this illustrates the principle that what makes a show great is not the originality of its premise but how well it is executed. This is a top-grade show from a top studio. It is funny and charming and heart-warming. If you watch it, it will make you feel good. Enough said.