Fate/Zero Ends

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4 Stars
Fate/Zero turned out to be surprisingly good. Yes, it’s very dark and bloody. But if you’re willing to watch it anyway with a suitably detached mood it can be extremely entertaining. The black, black villains, the deluded anti-heroes, the over-the-top Heroic Sprits, the Very Special Mother’s Day Episode…they all come together to make rousing entertainment.

The ending is quite proper for a classical tragedy: strict justice and no mercy. (Well, maybe just a little bit of mercy.)

If you’re wondering who Angra Mainyu is, the answer is here.

After this I’m almost tempted to go back and try to watch Fate/Stay Night, which I gave up on after two episodes. But I think not. If I’m going to watch something this dark it had better be really well done. That show was by a different studio and it just wasn’t good enough.