Nisemonogatari Ends

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Well I finally got around to watching the final episode of this show. The fact that it took me this long says something about how disappointed I am with it.

Nisemonagatari is the sequel to 2009’s Bakemongatari I called the original show “Macabre, funny, twisted and solidly entertaining”.

I can’t call Nisemonogatari “original” because it’s basically more of the same. The new stories feel much like the old ones and don’t really add anything. What’s different is that what I considered twisted humor in the original has become excessive amounts of disturbing, kinky over-the-top fan service.

Araragi-kun always had perverted impulses but in Bakemonogatari he was usually able to keep them under control and behave honorably. Now he seems to revel in them. So we are treated to a seemingly endless series of loli ghost fan service, loli vampire fan service, horny middle-school girl fan service, incestuous tooth-brushing fan service, not to mention incestuous breast-grabbing fan service.

(Molesting a ghost or ogling a vampire probably won’t get you arrested, but I’m not so sure about the stuff with his sisters. If the sister isn’t a blood relative, does that really make it OK by Japanese standards?)

Another sequel is promised but I doubt that I will be watching it.