Kumamoto Castle

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October 22, 2011

Kumamoto Castle, in the city of Kumamoto in central Kyushu, is one of Japan’s largest medieval castles. The first fortifications at the site were built in 1457, but the castle as it exists today was built from 1601-1607. At its height it included 49 turrets, 18 turret gates, 29 small gates and about 120 wells.

Many of the buildings including the main tower were burned during the Seinan Rebellion of 1877. Reconstruction began in 1960 and continues to this day.

In my opinion the most impressive exhibits are found inside the reconstructed Honmaru Goten Palace, adjacent to the main tower. This was used for entertaining and formal ceremonies.

The main hall is lined with alcoves with decorative scrolls.

Other rooms have beautiful wall paintings.

Cedar door panels were painted with cranes and other birds.

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