OreImo Ends

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After watching the last episode of Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai I wonder if I was too harsh in some of my earlier posts. The show is funny and clever and well-drawn.

It is rare for the Japanese broadcast standards board to investigate an anime series in response to viewer complaints, but in this case they ruled that it contains nothing inappropriate for its late-night time slot. They were surely correct to do so. Aside from the fact that it shows under-age teenagers playing adult-only video games (something that surely couldn’t happen in real life) the show contains nothing that is provably indecent or inappropriate. Some potentially disturbing things are suggested but nothing is spelled out.

(“Incest? What incest? There’s nothing going on here but perfectly normal sibling rivalry. And he just tripped and fell that time–a totally innocent accident!”)

But there is still reason to worry. What we have seen is the “good end.” The DVD version will apparently contain 4 alternate endings, quite likely “bad ends.” These could be very bad indeed. The producers have dropped hints that Ayase may carry out her threat to kill Kyousuke, or that he might end up in a romantic relationship with his father.

The worst possible ending would be for Kyousuke and Kirino to end up together. Not only is she his sister, but she is a really horrible person who abuses him and drives him crazy. Surely a “Kirino ending” would represent a fate worse than death.