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(Sept 11) The starkly beautiful Shiretoko Peninsula (from an Ainu phrase meaning “the end of the earth”) extends north into the frigid Sea of Okhotsk. Much of it is taken up by the Shiretoko National Park.

Welcome to Shiretoko

Shiretoko Coastline

Shiretoko Coastline 2

Wanted posters in a bus station.

Wanted Posters

The gojira iwa (Godzilla Rock).


Shiretoko Waterfall

I keep thinking there must be some hidden meaning to this:

Cigarette Butts

Shiretoko Mountains

The Hokkaido bamboo, which grows all over the island, is short but forms thick bushes. If there wasn’t a path here you might need a machete to get through it.

Hokkaido Bamboo

The Five Lakes region is particularly beautiful.

5 Lakes

5 Lakes

5 Lakes

Ezo Deer seem to be everywhere in the National Park.

Ezo Deer

Ezo Deer

The Genseikaen is considered a “natural flower garden”, but mid-September is not really the best time to view it.

Natural Flower Garden

The Rugosa Rose, the official flower of Hokkaido Prefecture.

Hokkaido Rose

Shiretoko Beach

Sheretoko Beach 2

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