Post Grad–Movie Review

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3 Stars
Post Grad is no great classic, but it’s rather cute and pretty funny–not a bad way to spend 89 minutes.

Ryden Malby (Alexis Bledel) has just graduated from college and is confident that she will quickly land her dream job with a publishing company. Unfortunately though she’s book-smart she is rather ditsy and not as good at interviews as she thinks she is. She’s also not very smart about romance. Her hunky “platonic boyfriend” (Zach Gilford) is crazy about her but she just isn’t interested in him that way.

The job-hunting and romantic subplots are pretty predictable. What makes this worth watching are the comic contributions of Ryden’s oddball family (Michael Keaton, Jane Lynch, Bobby Coleman and Carol Burnett). They turn what might have been an uninspired story into something hilarious. The movie is warm and upbeat and doesn’t overstay its welcome.