New Shakugan no Shana Series

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Apparently they are working on a third SnS series. (Probably for 2010. Unless they have been working on it for quite a while in secret, they can’t possibly have it ready for Fall 2009.)

I’m looking forward to this with more trepidation that anticipation. Consider what J.C. Staff has done so far with the franchise:

  • The first TV series was quite good in my opinion. (Some disagree).
  • Then there was a very lame OVA, which added a pointless onsen episode to the story.
  • Which was followed by a movie which was almost as lame. It just rehashed the beginning of the TV series, adding nothing of importance, but playing a nasty trick on anyone who might be intrigued enough by the movie to go watch the TV series. The movie was told in a way that would spoil the ending of the TV series for anyone who hadn’t already seen it.
  • Then there was the second TV series which was a mixed bag. The beginning was very weak and rather annoying, but in my opinion the series redeemed itself at the end.

So basically we have a franchise with a lot of potential: likable characters, entertaining villains, and a resonant premise. Balanced against that we have a studio that has shown itself to be sometimes willing to deliver unimaginative hack work in order to milk the maximum amount of money from the franchise.

What I fear most is that the third season will spoil the ending of the second. The second season actually did a good job of winding up all the romantic subplots. By the end, thanks to the uncommon good sense shown by two of the characters, all of the main characters ended up knowing pretty much where they stand.

What I would like to see is a third season that builds on the ending of the second and proceeds to tie up all the remaining plot threads, culminating in a decisive end to the Flame Haze / Tomogara war. Or failing that, I’d like to at least see the destruction of the Balle Masque, who have worn out their welcome.

What I’m afraid I’ll see is some sort of reset that leaves the characters running around on the same old romantic treadmill, while the main villains continue to escape unscathed. That’s what one would expect from writers who have run out ideas and just want to milk the series for as long as possible.