Management–Movie Review

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3 Stars
Management is a small, low-budget screwball comedy. It’s lightweight, but parts of it are very funny.

Mike (Steve Zahn) is stuck in a small town in Arizona, working as the night manager for his parents’ motel. He is clearly unhappy and wants a different kind of life, but he doesn’t seem to know exactly what. When a pretty, 30-something traveling saleswoman (Jennifer Aniston) checks in he makes a clumsy attempt to seduce her. She is bored and frustrated with her life and his lost-puppy charm is sufficient for them to end up having clumsy sex in the laundry room. Then she leaves with no intention of ever seeing him again.

Mike decides to go after her, and follows her to Maryland and then to Washington, hoping to win her love and lure her away from her maniacal ex-punk boyfriend (played by Woody Harrelson, whose performance is in itself worth the price of admission.)

Doesn’t this constitute stalking? Well yeah, but it has always been an article of faith in Hollywood that it is OK to stalk someone as long as you look like a movie star and there are pratfalls involved. Just remember, it’s not OK for ordinary peons to do it. The result in this case is predictable but amusing.