Majokko Tsukune-chan–Anime Review

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3 Stars
There’s not much to this one: just a short and funny OVA.

At first glance it looks like a standard kodomo (children’s) anime, with simple, brightly colored artwork, bouncy inane music, and relentlessly upbeat characters. On closer examination there’s clearly something wrong with it. In fact it’s a parody, and a particularly hilarious one if you have a sufficiently twisted sense of humor.

  • Title
    Majokko Tsukune-chan (Witch-girl Tsukune)
  • Genres
    Comedy, Magical Girl, Parody
  • Demographic
  • Contents
    6 13-minute episodes
  • Based on
    A manga by Hiroaki Magari
  • Director
    Hiroaki Sakurai
  • Music
    instant cytron
  • Animation Studio
  • Released

The OVA format seems ideal for something like this. I don’t think there’s enough material here to sustain a television series. Six short episodes are just enough to milk the premise without the joke getting old.

Parental Advisory

Though this looks like a children’s cartoon, I don’t advise showing it to preschoolers. They will at least be confused and quite likely will be upset. This cartoon contains a number of violent incidents, some of which involve Santa Claus.

Older children, say 10 and up, will probably find it quite funny.


Tsukune-chanTsukune-chan is a little witch who goes around helping people in need. Unfortunately the results are often unsatisfactory and sometime grotesque.

Tsukune-chan with PupurinThis is different from Magical Witch Punie-chan (Dai Mahou Touge), a better-known magical girl parody. Punie is cute but evil. Tsukune-chan seems to genuinely want to be helpful. If things don’t work out well it is because her judgment is poor and her attention span short.

Tsukune-chan\'s HouseTsukune-chan lives alone in a cute little cottage. She is not an anime orphan; she corresponds regularly with her Mama and Papa. It is not explained why she doesn’t live with them.

Tsukune-chan CookingIf she had the benefit of a mother’s guidance she probably would understand that she should not cook with rock salt.

Mr MayorMr. Mayor doesn’t devote much time to running the city. He seems to spend most of his time hanging out at Tsukune-chan’s house and expecting her to solve all his problems.

Mayor\'s LegsHe seems to be a lazy fellow, as well as a slow learner.

Kokoro with Ton-chanTsukune-chan’s little sister Kokoro has not yet learned how to control her magic powers. She has a disconcerting habit of pointing out the differences between the anime and the manga. Her only real fault is that when she sneezes it causes a massive explosion that blows up anything in the vicinity.

KanakoThe mayor has a niece named Kanako. She is a cute little girl who wants to learn magic.

Magical ItemTsukune-chan is happy to help out.

Uncle TonyTsukune-chan’s Uncle Tony is a famous world traveler. He brings back souvenirs, many of which are illegal, dangerous or disgusting.

Charlotte Flowers with ShibataCharlotte Flowers is an older witch girl. (She seems to be in high school.) She is very competitive and is always challenging Tsukune-chan to magical duels. Fortunately such duels don’t seem to pose much danger to the participants. (Innocent bystanders are another matter.)

Dr. ChoromatsuDr. Choromatsu is a helpful scientist, responsible for many amazing inventions.

Evil WitchEvil Witch Nabule is, as one would expect, an evil witch.


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