Sex and the City–Movie Review

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3 Stars
OK, let’s agree up front that I’m not in the target demographic for this movie. I watched a few episodes of the TV series and found the story of four rich, witty and somewhat shallow young women trying to make it in New York City mildly amusing, but not amusing enough to watch regularly.

The movie is pretty much like the TV show, but with a bit more nudity. (Or if you’ve been watching on basic cable, a lot more nudity.) Probably most readers are already familiar with the TV show and thus already know whether they would like the movie.

As expected, I found the movie mildly amusing. No doubt if I had more X chromosomes I would have found it hilarious. It bothered me a bit that none of the male characters really came to life. They basically show up and do whatever the plot requires, but we never get a good feel for what is going on in their heads. Still I shouldn’t complain. There plenty of female characters in guy flicks who are just the same.

Of course the female characters are colorful and memorable, and the movie does have some nice moments, including a suitably corny ending that belies its pretense of sophisticated cynicism. On the whole, it could be a lot worse.