This is Not a Joke

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…I think.

This pamphlet arrived in the mail:

(Click for larger image.)

Ever since the scientific community adopted heliocentrism as fact, attempts have been made to prove it. Some of these attempts should have worked. Remarkably, not only has NOT ONE of these attempts produced proof, but also the results of all of them are consistent with the hypothesis that the earth is at rest.

The general argument seems vaguely familiar:

  1. The King James Bible clearly states that the Earth is fixed and the Sun moves around it.
  2. Scientists claim that the Earth actually moves around the Sun. They have been trying to prove this for centuries, but have never succeeded (at least, not to our satisfaction.)
  3. Q.E.D.

Now it would be easy for some wise guy to set up a web site as a joke, but a direct mail campaign costs real money. Also the web site seems “funny-strange”, not “funny-ha-ha.”