27 Dresses–Movie Review

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2 Stars
I probably wouldn’t have seen 27 Dresses except for the fact that my daughter is a big fan of Katherine Heigl. Now that I have seen it I can say without hesitation that it is harmless.

What else can I say? Let’s see…

  1. Does the writing show the same cleverness and insight that one would expect of a show on the Disney Channel? Yes.
  2. Does the acting rise to the same high standards? Yes.
  3. Is it predictable? Yes.
  4. Since this is a comedy, does anything happen that is particularly funny? Not really.

The story involves a woman (Heigl) who is always a bridesmaid and never a bride. In fact she has a closet filled with 27 ugly bridesmaid dresses. (Actually the flashbacks show that in each of those dresses she looked better than the bride. but this is Hollywood and she is the star, so what do you expect?) She has a hopeless crush on her boss, always reads the wedding section of the newspaper first, and saves all the wedding stories written by a romantic reporter named Malcolm Doyle.

Kevin Doyle (James Marsden) is a bitter, cynical, but devilishly handsome man who hates weddings. He introduces himself as a “writer” because he doesn’t like to admit that he works in the wedding section of the newspaper, writing under the pen name “Malcolm Doyle.”

OK, you can probably write the rest of this yourself. Wake me when it’s over.