Philip Pullman: Kill humans and ration heating

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Since I gave a favorable review to The Golden Compass, a movie based on a book by Philip Pullman, perhaps it’s only fair to link to an article in The Register which points out that Pullman seems to have some nasty, misanthropic views.

The Register’s snarky commentary aside, if we go to the original interview Pullman comes off as a typical self-righteous ass, pontificating on things about which he knows little and tossing off proposals without thinking through the implications.

In the final analysis his program seems to be to “educate” the voters so that they will demand to shiver in the dark and be eaten by polar bears. Good luck with that. The only really scary thing is that a major British newspaper thought this stuff was worth printing.

Since none of these ideas are included in the movie, I am not inclinded to change my rating. If we start evaluating fantasy fiction based on the nutty ideas expressed by the authors in other contexts there will be no end to it.