Koya-san Central Temples

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An interesting cluster of temples is located near the center of Koya-san, where Kobodaishi first established his monastery.

The colorful Konpondaito Pagoda marks the geographical center of the area.

The Kondo Hall was first built in 819, though it has burned down and been reconstructed numerous times since then.
Kondo Hall

A platoon of trainee monks double-times it into the square. They stop to pray at each point of interest.
Here Come the Monks

Trainee Monks

A Shinto shrine is located near the temples.
Torii and Lion-dogs


When Kobodaishi first came to the mountains looking for a place to found his monastery he met a hunter with two dogs. The hunter gave the dogs to Kobodaishi and they led him to Koya-san.
Hunter with Dogs

The hunter was actually the son of the goddess of the mountain. When Kobodaishi climbed up to Koya-san she appeared to him and gave him the land.

Once he had established his monastery Kobodaishi ordered the construction of a Shinto shrine to house the goddess and her son, and also to demonstrate that there is no conflict between his teachings and Japan’s native religious traditions.

Nevertheless the shrine was almost empty. The people who come here are mostly interested in the temples.

This is a very old temple. It is supposed to have been built in 1197 and never burned down.

Another pagoda
Another Pagoda


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