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3 Stars
Given that Pixar’s latest movie was written and directed by Brad Bird (The Incredibles) and tells the tale of a rat who doesn’t want to eat garbage and dreams of becoming a Parisian chef, I went in expecting it to be hilarious. Actually it’s more cute than laugh-out-loud funny. Not kawaii-cute, but cute in a grotesque way.

If you are very squeamish about watching streaming hordes of rats you may have a real problem with this film. On the other hand, if you think that a rat can be sort of appealing in a sort of ugly way then you will probably like it.

I don’t think the movie is really trying to be hilarious. It seems more interested in being heartwarming. Unfortunately “heartwarming” and “rat” don’t go too well together, at least when the rats are rendered in 3-D with Pixar’s usual skill. Whatever the movie is aiming at, I don’t think it quite achieves it.

Nevertheless, even though this isn’t a great movie it is fun to watch. Kids will enjoy it and adults (at least those who are not rat-phobic) will not feel that they have wasted their time.